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Anime Characters

Claim an Anime Character!

Anime Characters - Claim a Character!
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Welcome to yet another anime claiming community! lol! This time you can claim your favorite character from your favorite anime! ^_^ Or you can claim your favorite character from an anime that you like but isn't your favorite...or you can claim a character you like from an anime you've only seen once or twice...or you can...well you get the idea. ^_^;; Here are some rules:


1- You can claim any character from any anime/manga/(anime) video game. Each person gets ONE claim.

2- Please state who your character is and where he/she/it is from. If your character has a last name, please state what it is! ^_^;; There could be more than one character in an anime with the same name, so we wanna be specific. Please use their FIRST NAME FIRST and LAST NAME LAST. Thanks! ^_^;;

3- You MUST BE A MEMBER to claim. Please MAKE YOUR CLAIM IN AN ENTRY, not in a comment.

4- Check the claims list before claiming to make sure you're character isn't already claimed!

5- You may switch your claim whenever you want, but please let me know the name of the character you had before and the one you want now!

6- Advertising communities and non-claiming posts are very much allowed! ^_^ Please feel free to psot whatever you like as long as it's friendly.

7- Do not harrass other people. You may ask other people if they can switch claims with you, but please don't pester them over and over if they say no.

8- Claiming characters with different forms is one character, such as Sailor Moon, Serena/Usagi, Princess Serena, Neo Queen Serenity, and no one else may claim different forms for a character that has already been claimed. If there are two different anime/manga/games that have the same characters in them, if that character has already been claimed in one of the games, the CANNOT be claimed in another. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is an exception to this rule, however.

9- I won't tolerate rudeness...you have to be nice to everyone! We want friends here! ^_^

10- No made up characters please! ^_^;; It has to be one that already exists!

That's all the rules for now! ^_^ If you have any questions, just make a post in this or my personal LJ, wesangel, and I will get back to you! Thank you very much and enjoy the comm! ^_^

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